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Caring for People with Psychosis & Schizophrenia (King's College London)

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Extra Ordinary People (Ottawa Family Conference)

Cracking Up (Stand Up For Mental Health)

Meds (CAMH Library 2006)

Coping Strategies (Mood Disorders Association of Ontario Lecture Series)

Families Coping With Mental Illness (Group Discussion)

Understanding Mania (Communicating With A Person Who Is Experiencing Mania)

Navigating The System (Mood Disorders Association of Ontario)

Unchaining The Mind (Advances in Schizophrenia Research)

Understanding Relapse (Managing Symptoms of Schizophrenia)

Life After Mental Illness (Bill MacPhee)

New Hope In The Treatment of Schizophrenia

The Misunderstood Epidemic:  Depression

Suicide Prevention

Bill 68 (Where Things Stand Today) 

Brain Change (DVDs by David Permutter)

Introduction to ODSP

Confronting Stigma (Karen Liberman Lecture)

Words That Bite!  (Dealing With Stigma)

Unlearn (Film About Stigma)  




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