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  Bipolar Disorder   

The Bipolar II Disorder Workbook - by Stephanie McMurrich Roberts, L. Grandin Sylvia, & N. Reilly-Harrington


The Up and Down Life - by Paul E. Jones


Break The Bipolar Cycle - by Elizabeth Brondolo and Xavier Amador


The Bipolar Teen - by David Miklowitz and Elizabeth George


Welcome To The Jungle - by Hilary Smith


Bipolar Disorder Demystified - by Lana R. Castle


New Hope for Children and Teens with Bipolar Disorder - by Boris Birmaher


Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder - by International Bipolar Foundation


The Everything Health Guide to Adult Bipolar Disorder - by Dean A. Haycock


Bipolar for Dummies - by Candida Fink and Joe Kraynak


Living Well with Depression and Bipolar Disorder - by John McManamy


His Bright Light - by Danielle Steel


Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So - by Mark Vonnegut


The Eden Express - by Mark Vonnegut


Loving Someone with Bipolar - by Julie A. Fast


Surviving Manic Depression - by E. Fuller Torrey and Michael B. Knable


The Bipolar Child - by Demitri Papolos and Janice Papolos


The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide - by David J. Miklovitz


A Brilliant Madness - by Patty Duke and Gloria Hochman


The Health Card System for Bipolar Disorder - by Julie Fast


Changing My Mind - by Margaret Trudeau


Young Mania Rating Scale 


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