A Voice for Change       

Family Advisory Council


The CDFSG was instrumental in establishing the Mental Health Family Advisory Council at the Cornwall Community Hospital. As the voice of local family caregivers who are dealing with a mental illness, the Council advocates for enhancements to mental health policies and practices. It also acts in an informal advisory capacity to the CCH’s Senior Administration and Board of Directors.



The CDFSG is a member of the Ontario Family Caregivers Advisory Network (OFCAN). It is comprised of family groups with the shared goals of: enhancing mental health and addiction services; fostering the exchange of information between families and those involved in providing mental health and addiction care; and encouraging partnerships between family caregiver groups.



The CDFSG also sits on the Addictions and Mental Health Network of Champlain (AMHNC) and its Family Advisory Committee. The AMHNC collaborates to ensure the region’s addiction and mental health system is truly client-centered. The Network has equal representation from four sectors: Addiction Services, Mental Health Services, Family Members and Clients.